Ever since former “Dual Survival” star Cody Lundin was fired from the Discovery Channel show, fans have asked why. Viewers might have learned why the barefooted survivalist didn’t make it to the end of Season 4 after TMZ published a report Monday, which claims co-star Joe Teti threatened to kill Lundin.

While they were shooting in Norway, Teti allegedly said he would "bury" Lundin on a mountain while wielding an ice ax. Lundin claims Teti, a former Marine and Special Forces soldier, once said: "You better not blow this for me ... I think you know what is going to happen to you." Teti supposedly showed Lundin, who specializes in aboriginal survival skills, pictures of people he allegedly killed while in the military.

That’s not all. Teti reportedly threatened to impale Lundin with a spear while shooting in Hawaii.

But that’s not Lundin’s biggest problem with Discovery. What bothered him the most was they way they edited his last episode. According to Lundin, they made him look like he couldn’t hack surviving in the cold weather. For example, one scene showed him throwing matches into a pool of water, which is something producers reportedly set up for him to do.

As a result of Discovery’s inaccuracies, Lundin claims he is unable to find work. As for Teti, he is blindsided by the accusations. He denied ever threatening his former co-star. "I always had the utmost respect for him, considered him a friend, and am hurt these accusations have been made,” Teti told TMZ Monday.

Discovery has not publicly responded to the suit. Lundin, who is active on Facebook, did not address the controversy on social media.

“Dual Survival” has sifted through hosts since Lundin’s departure. Currently, Grady Powell and Bill McDonnell star on the show.

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