Jerome Kerviel, the former trader accused of making risky bets that led to billions of euros in losses at Societe Generale, has started a new job in information technology.

He is now working at Lemaire Consultants & Associes, a computer consulting firm, according to reports.

Kerviel, 32, began the unspecified job some weeks ago, his lawyer, Guillaume Selnet told Bloomberg. Prior to that he had been in jail for more than a month.

Kerviel is under investigation for charges of forgery, breach of trust and breaking into computer systems. Kerviel said in testimony to police that he had made fictitious trades with the purpose of making money for his bank.

His spokesman, Christophe Reille said he got the job when a lawyer introduced him to the founder of LCA, who hosted Kerviel at his home when news of the trading scandal first broke.

At his former job with Societe Generale, Kerviel had earned a base salary of about $70,000 dollars.