Fans of the 45-year-old classic party game Twister will soon be able to put their left foot on blue and their right hand on yellow in a new video game out this holiday season.

Majesco Entertainment Co, the video game publisher known for Zumba Fitness titles licensed the classic game brand from Hasbro Inc, the second-largest toymaker in the United States after Mattel Inc.

Majesco Chief Executive Jesse Sutton told Reuters the Twister video game will cost $49 and be in stores on November 1st.

No Twister mat or spinner is needed since the game will be played on the Microsoft Corp Kinect, the motion-sensor that accompanies the Xbox game console that lets people play games without controllers.

This is using your full body as a game piece, said Majesco's chief marketing officer, Christina Glorioso. Obviously this translates significantly to Kinect.

The Party Play mode is for Twister purists who can play the game on a virtual Twister mat on the television, but there are 15 other ways for up to 8 people to play the game, including dodging and ducking shapes that pop up on-screen.

Majesco will market the game heavily with live events and television commercials.

CEO Sutton said in an interview the company intends to convince investors it can achieve success outside Zumba Fitness, which has sold 3 million units globally.

About 67 percent of Majesco's revenue for the six months ended April 30 came from its Zumba game.

Investors right now just look at Zumba, but Twister is definitely one of the products we see as a major potential hit, Sutton said.

He added the nostalgia around Twister will help it click with consumers. He declined to give details about the company's licensing agreement with Hasbro.

Majesco is one of the smaller publicly traded video game companies with a market capitalization of under $90 million. Its shares have more than tripled this year and closed 4.5 percent higher at $2.30 on Friday on the Nasdaq.