Italian supercar maker Lamborghini's latest highly limited edition and its most expensive road rocket ever was unveiled on Wednesday: a racer named after a killer bull, the $1.4 million Reventon.

The street-legal car, shown at the Frankfurt International Auto show, was limited to just 20 units which reportedly sold out in only four days once word got out. Under the car's aggressive styling is a twelve-cylinder engine which can propel the car from 0 to 100 km/hr (62mph) in just 3.4 seconds and has a top speed of 340 km/hr (211 mph).

The car's exterior features an angular, arrow-like look made from hybrid steel and carbon-fiber. The car also has an electronically controlled rear spoiler.

On the inside, the instrument panel looks more like a fighter jet with an advanced TFT display capable of three modes. It even includes a G-Force Meter similar to those found in Formula One race cars.

The carmaker calls the Reventon a symbol of extreme exclusivity. The car uses the same engine found in the company's previous Murcielago LP640 model but the new car has a completely new exterior.

However, the Reventon is the most extreme of them all, a true automotive superlative. Our designers at the Lamborghini Style Center took the technical base of the Murcielago LP640 and compressed and intensified its DNA, its genetic code, said Stephan Winkelmann, Lamborghini's chairman and CEO.

The car was named after the bull that killed Matador Felix Guzman in 1943.

New owners will take delivery of their car in October.