He's always been more of a hypeman than an actual hip hop artist, so it's fitting that likable hip hop performing artist Pitbull has agreed to be a part of a promotion held by Walmart and Sheets-brand Energy Strips. Pitbull, perhaps best known for the songs Back in Time and the Jennifer Lopez collaboration On The Floor, has agreed to visit whichever Walmart store in the United States receives the most Likes on Facebook. Unfortunately for him, the Internet is rallying to send him to a remote part of Alaska.

At the risk of disappointing preteen girls all over the nation, David Thorpe and Jon Hendren of the website Something Awful have organized a plan that drives people to Like the official Facebook page of the Walmart in Kodiak, Alaska. If you search Walmart Kodiak Alaska on Google Maps, it takes eleven clicks to zoom out far enough to see Canada and thirteen to see California. Pitbull is probably thrilled the possibility exists for him to do a promotion at a store that sells bear repellant, snow shoes, [and] hunting gear (via Reddit).

As of the 2010 census, the population of Kodiak was 6,130 people. So far, the Facebook page in question has over 20,000 users who have clicked Like. The Google Images of Kodiak are beautiful, but it's hard to picture the mall-rapper excited to check out grizzly bears and the locale's fishing community.

The reaction on social media has been mostly along the lines of lol. Brandon Turley, commenting on the Facebook page, said, Pitbull says there's nothing like the Miami Heat. That's true, but there's also nothing like the Kodiak cold!

Others have said things like Why do you hate Pitbull so much? To which Thorpe responded with I don't hate Pitbull, I think he'll have a wonderful time in Alaska. Last night, Thorpe tweeted Kodiak is ahead by a country mile.  The Twitter hash tag #ExilePitbull is the best way to follow the contest, which end July 15th.