While President Obama heads to Manhattan for an LGBT Gala gathering, the corner of 34th Street and Broadway will be hit by Bieber-fever, adding to the summer heat in New York City.

NYC Im coming to see you tomorrow for the #SOMEDAY release!! It's been too long. See everyone at MACY's THURSDAY! Bieber tweeted on Tuesday.

Justin Bieber's new fragrance package, called Someday, was officially launched on June 20. It will be wrapped into a VIP gift set, which also includes a photo with Bieber, who will appear at Macy's at 2:30 p.m., Thursday.

In order to catch a lifetime chance to be one of the 325 fans to purchase the $350 gift set and a photo with the pop star, fans have already lined up outside Macy's. Many of the frantic fans traveled hours to get to the city, and had been camped out since as early as 7 a.m. Tuesday.

These are pretty extreme fans, said Macy's spokeswoman Robin Reibel. A lot of these girls camped out in tents last night.

Gothamist noted regarding how the fragrance smells like, quoting one member of his team, who said, I mean I'm no perfume expert but.... fruity overtones, some almond notes, very summer for girls, target audience is definitely girls ages 14 to 18.

Just in case you are more interested in the fragrance itself, the $135 package will include a 3.4 oz. spray, 1.0 oz. spray, 6.7 oz. body lotion and 5.0 oz hair mist. And of course, one photo per customer, as noted on the perfume's website.

SOMEDAY by JUSTIN BIEBER is more than just a fragrance: it's energy with a state-of-mind that inspires. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, giving fans a chance to get one step closer to Justin. It's a fragrance he can't get enough of and can't stay away from, making those who wear it irresistible, the website stated.

Here is the commercial for Someday.

And some more:

Earlier today, Bieber tweeted, gonna go hang out with my uncle dave, referring to Late Show host David Letterman. Bieber, in a baby pink cardigan paired with pink-bottomed sneakers, headed into the Ed Sullivan Theater.

Tomorrow afternoon, expect some extreme heat around the Herald Square. Unless you want to be infected with Bieber Feber, better stay away from the area, just in case.