What causes a YouTube video to go viral? Two factors immediately come to mind: cute animals (ex: sneezing panda) and exploding things (ex: Mentos and Coke). So it's no surprise that a video of Boo, an adorable fluffy dog, exploding into a pile of candy, has quickly taken off online. The video, titled, Cute Things Exploding - Boo the Fluffy Dog...EXPLODING!!!, was posted uploaded to the video sharing website on April 2 by nerdist and already has almost 15,000 views. The dog was originally featured in a home-video posted on YouTube over two years ago, which has over 100,000 hits now.

Check out the viral exploding dog video here, and enjoy five other videos of cute things exploding!

Boo the Fluffy Dog... EXPLODING!!!

Sneezing Panda... EXPLODING!!!

WARNING: Earlier Cute Things Exploding videos get pretty grizzly. It looks like nerdist has a pretty dark sense of humor...

Surprised Kitty... EXPLODING!!!

Dwarf Hamster... EXPLODING!!!

Hamster on a Piano... EXPLODING!!!