You almost have to feel bad for the drone in the video embedded below. Military prognosticators have predicted for years now that unmanned aerial vehicles will fill a need that's traditionally been filled by fighter jets. That might still be the case but, if an F-16 Fighting Falcon's demolition of a small drone is any indication, that time hasn't arrived yet.

The short video depicts a live fire exercise over the North Sea in Europe, where a Danish F-16 Fighting Falcon successfully shoots down a remote-controlled drone in midair. The pilot used Sidewinder missiles to take out a Banshee 600 Maldrone, a practice drone developed by Meggitt Defense Systems in the United Kingdom.

It's a reminder that, while drones have successfully evaded surface-to-air missiles throughout the Middle East, UAV technology likely still has some work to do when it comes to evading missiles fired from jets.