His death was sudden, but his legacy is everlasting. Dave Goldberg, CEO of SurveyMonkey, unexpectedly died a year ago today when he suffered from a head trauma after falling of a treadmill in Mexico. Today, his wife took to Facebook to remember him and his love. 

Goldberg, while known for his individual mentorship and work in the tech industry, was also the second half of a prominent Silicon Valley couple. His wife, Sheryl Sandberg, is the chief operator officer of Facebook. They have two children.

Sandberg posted a picture and a note to her late husband on Facebook Sunday morning. “My deepest thanks to my family and friends who have shared their memories of Dave and carried me and my children through this past year,” she wrote. “I will always miss you, Dave. There is no end to love.”

Sandberg and Goldberg attended Harvard University for undergrad, where Sandberg graduated in 1991 and Goldberg in 1989. They met in 1996 in Los Angeles and started dating in 2002, Goldberg told Business Insider. The couple married in 2004, while Sandberg was working at Google and Goldberg was at Yahoo.

sheryl sandberg dave goldberg Sheryl Sandberg posted on her Facebook page on the anniversary of her husband's death. Photo: Facebook

Several of Sandberg’s friends and many other Facebook users wished her best on the Facebook post. “Sheryl, sending you and your children love, light and the deepest and most heartfelt gratitude for all you continue to give to others amidst such personal tragedy,” Kathy Anderson, an author and fellow Harvard alum, wrote.

Other influential women and friends have supported Sandberg over the last year. For example, tennis superstar Serena Williams comforted both her and her children via phone and in person following Goldberg’s passing. “[Williams] would write, ‘You have all my strength’ or ‘You are the strongest woman I know. You will get through this,’” Sandberg told Sports Illustrated.

In the last year, Sandberg has continued her work as COO of Facebook, which is now one of the most successful tech businesses on the stock market. Facebook pulled in record profits last quarter at $1.5 billion, up from $701 million a year ago.

As the author of “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” Sandberg continues to push for more awareness and inclusion of women in technology and other career fields. She is also working on the Stand Up for Kids campaign, an initiative to end hunger in the Bay Area.

“With Lean In, it was almost explaining that we're not near equality and we need to do more,” Sandberg told NBC News. “And there's a lot all of us need to do in business, government, individuals and companies to do better.”

Sandberg joined SurveyMonkey's board of directors in July. Zander Lurie, formerly of camera manufacturer GoPro, took over as CEO of SurveyMonkey in January.