Facebook just made listening to music even more social, with its new Listen With button that allows users to share music in a chat room.

The new feature will let friends become DJ's using their Spotify and Rdio accounts, and members of their chat room will be able to listen to the tunes in real-time.

Music is one of the most powerful and fun ways to connect. Whether it's at a concert with a bunch of people or on a long car ride with your best buddy, we love listening to music with our friends. But what if you could listen to music with your friends when you're alone, like at work, at home or on the go? Alexandre Roche, a Product Designer for Facebook, wrote on the company's blog.

Here's how it works:

A music note will pop up on the chat sidebar next to the names and in one click; users will be able to see what their friends are listening to. For those who want to listen to the track, a Listen With button will pop up next to the name in the chat list.


Facebook users will be able to control who can listen in the chat room, with the capacity of up to 50 users.  A chat window will open up for members of the chat room to be able to discuss the tracks they are listening to.


The new feature started to roll out on Thursday but will reach all Facebook users in the next few weeks.

Here's how some Facebook users reacted to the new service:

Mattan Ingram:

It would be nice if I could listen to the song in my preferred music service, not the one they are using. I hate having to open Spotify every time since Rdio is so much better.

Rahul Kumar:

Awesome! but I think its taken from gtalk..

Ashish Virmani:

So, I guess this is this a eulogy for Turntable.fm.

Mike Edwards:

Technology is just dancing right along :)

inayak Dandu:

day by day its making slow facebook, low bandwidth user get problem from your music and offline and online chating also....,,,