The launch of the much-anticipated iPad application by Facebook is rumored to take place at the Apple’s launch event for the iPhone 5 as claimed by Mashable’s Ben Parr.

Both Apple and Facebook have declined to issue any public comment on this news.

Rumors are rampant that the iPhone 5 from Apple will make its debut early October. Reports suggest that Apple will hold an official introduction event for the much-touted handset on Oct. 4. So far, Apple is yet to confirm whether the next-generation iPhone will be announced Oct. 4 or even be called the iPhone 5.

It will make sense to announce the Facebook iPad app at an Apple event, if the application is shown to make use of certain characteristic features available through the latest iOS 5 on which the iPhone 5 is expected to run.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had presented how the social network’s new Timeline profile pages would appear on an iPhone at the company’s F8 conference for developers last week.

There have also been rumors in the past that Facebook was going to intergrate into iOS which did not eventually happen and instead Apple integrated Twitter into iOS 5.

At the same time, as of now, Apple and Facebook may form a new partnership to deal with their common competitor, Google. Supposing such an alliance does shape up, it could be a real threat to Google's Android operating system and the Google+ social network.