Facebook added another item to the myriad of things you can share over the social networking site: your organs.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this morning the social network now allows U.S. and U.K. users share their organ donor status on their timeline. The feature also directs those that aren't to Donate Life America's National Registration Page, should they decide a post-mortem kidney or two isn't a big sacrifice.

To share your organ donor status, click on Life Event, then Health and Wellness. You should see an Organ Donor option. From there, you can add where and when you registered, as well as a personal story. (There's a nifty how-to video at the bottom of this page as well).

Zuckerberg was among the first to sign up through Facebook. His friendship with Apple co-founder and liver transplant beneficiary Steve Jobs, along with his pediatrician-in-training girlfriend, helped spur his decision.

Zuckerberg hopes Facebook users will create awareness and eventually inspire other users to become donors.

An average of 18 people per day will die waiting [for an organ], because there simply aren't enough organ donors to meet the need, Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg said in a statement. Medical experts believe that broader awareness about organ donation could go a long way toward solving this crisis. And we believe that by simply telling people that you're an organ donor, the power of sharing and connection can play an important role.

An average of 79 people receive organ transplants daily, according to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services.

The organ donor feature is just the latest in a slew of kind-hearted Facebook initiatives. The social networking sight announced in March a suite of tools aimed a stymying bullying, as well a support system that roots out offensive content.

Care to show off your organ donor status, or sign up yourself? Check out Facebook's How To below.