It only took one month for AT&T to decide that the HTC First, known as the first Facebook phone, is a complete disaster. Sales have reportedly been so bad that AT&T has decided to discontinue the Facebook phone as soon as the in-store display contract with HTC expires.

This story is mostly speculation at this point, as the initial BGR report only cites a single anonymous source. The only official statement from AT&T says they have made no future decisions regarding the future of the HTC First phone.

Still, it’s hard to believe things are going well when the price of the Facebook phone drops to the same price as one song on iTunes. According to BGR’s source, AT&T sales representatives don’t like the HTC First, which is the first phone to feature the Facebook Home app as its native operating system and prefer to put effort into selling iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S4s.

Apparently, AT&T has sold fewer than 15,000 units of the HTC First nationwide, even with the $0.99 price. That’s worse than the HTC Chacha, the 2011 phone that featured a special Facebook button.

Initially met with lukewarm reviews about the device’s potential given a few tweaks, the HTC First and Facebook Home have been slammed with users. Some speculated that it’s because the Facebook team of engineers are primarily iPhone users and never really had a good grip on the Android platform.

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