Facebook has moved one step forward in becoming the 'Media Hub' of the world, by rolling out 60 new apps that allow Facebook users to automatically share everything, from music to food, fashion and travel tips.

When users sign up for the apps, automatically their activities in apps get shared in Facebook update page too. But users also have the option to limit how much information they want others to see. After all, there is no need to share lunch menu or recipe with an old friend who has out of contact for long.

Presently, Facebook's 'Open Graph' allows users to share the music they are listening or articles they are reading. But this function has been expanded to include various topics including food, movie, photos, travel and e-books through apps such as 'Foodspotting,' 'Rotten tomatoes,' 'Pinterest,' 'TripAdviser' and 'Kobo.'

New apps have also been integrated with the 'Timeline' app, which is a revamped version of Facebook users' personal profile page.

If you're a traveler, you can add the Gogobot and TripAdvisor apps to bring a virtual passport to your timeline, and show your friends where you’ve been and share tips about your favorite spots from around the world, Carl Sjogreen, Facebook product manager, explained in a blog post.

This indicates Facebook's push to become a media hub and compete with Google, which last year launched Google+, the Internet search engine giant's social network service.