Just after Facebook and Skype introduced video calling for Facebook users, scammers have teamed up to spam your Facebook friends by luring you into video calling option.

Computer security firm Sophos reported Saturday (Manila time) the scam exploited the media attention given to the new feature.

NakedSecurity reports, This version asks for your personal information, the ability to post messages to your wall, read your posts(?) and to do all of this any time it likes...
Strange, if it were a video calling app it would presumably only need to access my data when I am using it, right?

However, it can be argued that a video calling app shouldn’t need to post your wall and news feed, but Google’s video chat, Hangout does something similar in Google+.

The legitimate way to sign up for Facebook Video Calling is to download a program from the official Facebook Video Calling page, and then the chat window asks you to configure a few Flash settings.