Yesterday brand pages were given the option to switch to Facebook's new Timeline format. But on March 30th, the switch may become mandatory, according to SlashGear.

As of now, business-oriented pages have the option of transitioning to the new interface or keeping with the previous model. When the switch is made, companies will be forced to create their page from scratch once again.

Although the scrapbook style theme has received mixed reviews, the layout could benefit business. The large cover photo could showcase the brand's essence and attract potential customers.

But the move to Timeline would eliminate the use of third party apps, such as ReverbNation or BandPage, as a landing page.

Having a dazzling landing page is one of the most critical things every brand must do, whether it's a graphic design firm, a musical group, an online store, or anything else, writes SlashGear's Mark Raby.  By eliminating the use of third-party landing pages, Facebook is making that nearly impossible.

Rumors of a mandatory switch date have been circulating the Web for the past month. At the end of January, an alleged switch date was set for the month of February. However, some profiles still remain in the previous state.