Social media platforms may be fueling revolutions across the Arab world and North Africa but, according to new research from leading innovation and growth consultancy, Britons ranked Facebook and Twitter among the Top 10 worst innovations of the decade.

The inaugural Innovation Index survey conducted by The Foundation was compiled from a survey of 2,243 adult consumers, weighted to represent UK population.

The respondents selected the products and services that had contributed the most and least to their lives.

Respondents were asked to rank their top three and bottom three in order, with 3 points scored for each percentage of the first rank vote, 2 points for each percentage of the second rank vote, and 1 point for each percentage of the third rank vote, producing a final score out of 300, the consultancy explained.

While Reality TV topped the most loathed innovations, Facebook and similar came in second. Twitter figured fourth following pop-up advertising.

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