The self proclaimed "Spam King" of Facebook, who allegedly sneaked his way into half a million Facebook accounts and flooded them with spam, could soon be paying for his actions.

43-year-old Sanford Wallace turned himself in to the FBI this week and pleaded "not guilty" in his first court appearance, after being charged with three counts of intentional damange to a protected computer, six counts of email fraud, and two counts of criminal contempt.

Between November of 2008 and March of 2009, Wallace had gone into 500,000 Facebook accounts by obtaining account info via "phishing" messages and sent a great amount of spam through the company servers. Wallace had also posted spam on account users' Facebook walls of friends, tricking people to click on the link which directed them to bring traffic to websites that Wallace got paid for.

The "Spam King", (or "Spamford"), from Las Vegas, could face over 40 years and be slapped with a $2 million dollar fine if convicted on all charges.

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