Heavy rain and storms have triggered floods and landslides across large parts of Asia, killing hundreds of people.

Here is an overview of the five Asian countries worst affected by this year's monsoon weather.

INDIA, about 750 dead:

-- Heavy rains and landslides have displaced more than eight million people since the start of this year's monsoon season, authorities in the affected states say.

-- Northwestern Maharashtra state has been worst hit, with 362 recorded deaths. In southern Kerala state, 143 have been killed by floods and more than 27,000 displaced since the monsoon began in June.

CHINA, at least 400 dead:

-- Floods, landslides and lightning killed more than 150 people last week across vast tracts of China. More than 3 million have been displaced by this year's rain season.

-- In recent weeks, parts of China have suffered the heaviest rainfall since records began. Last year was the country's second deadliest for floods and typhoons, with 2,704 people killed, according to the China Meteorological Association. The worst year on record was 1998, when 4,150 died in summer floods.

PAKISTAN, nearly 350 dead:

-- South-western Pakistan suffered severe early rainy-season storms and flooding while flash floods killed people in northern Pakistan. A powerful storm killed about 230 people in the biggest city, Karachi, on June 23. Three days later, a cyclone and subsequent floods killed 119 people in the state of Baluchistan, leaving 250,000 people homeless and 204 people missing.

BANGLADESH, nearly 150 dead:

-- Nearly 130 people died in the port city of Chittagong and five million people across the country were either marooned or threatened by flooding in early June. In July, another 15 died and half a million were stranded in their homes by three days of relentless monsoon rains.

-- Bangladesh's monsoon season runs until mid-September. Two-thirds of the low-lying country is regularly inundated during the monsoon, as rain-swollen rivers and streams flow into Bangladesh from the hills of bordering east India.

AFGHANISTAN, about 100 dead:

-- Floods and landslides have killed scores of people, destroyed roads and damaged thousands of homes. Very heavy snow melt has caused flooding in the mountainous north, as swollen rivers burst their banks after winter.

Sources: Reuters