A PDA photo of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is in circulation all round the Internet. The picture shows the couple playing in the water near Maui on their Hawaiian vacation.

The picture sure is new. But them in Hawai, was months ago.

The picture shows them making out in nothing but their birthday suits. They are enjoying a long lip-lock in the photo, which at first glance is yes, convincing.

The shot has Beiber and Selena standing in the water, smooching, her arms encircling his neck and his left hand groping her behind.

They're wearing sunglasses.

They are looking so happy, you might as well want to frame the picture and freeze the memory forever. Except that, it's fake.

The truth is that, there is an original photo, in which one can see Beiber and Gomez in the same position, except that, they are not nude. The picture has been copied and photoshopped. A close examination of the picture can tell you, that Beiber's hand is little misplaced from the original picture, and his body also looks different.

The differences are subtle but definitely visible.