TV premiere season is just getting started, but there’s already plenty to watch. Almost everyone can find a new series they’ll enjoy on Thursday nights. 

“Finding Prince Charming” seems a lot like “The Bachelor” for gay men. Thirteen men will live in a house and compete for the affections of entrepreneur Robert Sepúlveda Jr. Lance Bass will host the reality series, and he says that the show will address issues that aren’t often talked about publicly.

“Just being able to have an open dialogue with all these guys in a house is great to see because so many things we talk about among ourselves, we don’t really talk about in public — things like femme versus masculine, tops and bottoms, and the stigma of HIV/AIDS,” Bass told Vulture. It would be difficult to avoid the subject of HIV since one of the competitors is HIV positive.

However, you don’t have to watch reality TV to see a show that feels real. “Better Things” on FX is a new half-hour comedy that Louis C.K. co-created along with star Pamela Adlon. The show, which follows a moderately successful actress raising three daughters on her own, is loosely based on her own life. Her character Sam isn’t the perfect suburban mother, but she’s doing her best.

“I didn’t want to be a sensational, exploitive type of a show, where she’s a single mom, and she’s f------ all the time, and she’s smoking pot and whatever. To me, it’s more interesting that the kids curse at each other,” Adlon explained to A.V. Club.

Foodies have something to watch Thursday night as well. “Haylie’s America” premieres on the Cooking Channel, and Haylie Duff will be discovering good food all over the country. She’ll also have a few famous guest stars (but her little sister Hilary Duff will not appear).

“Our Las Vegas episode just until the end of time will be so exciting for me,” Duff dished to Entertainment Weekly. “Growing up in Texas, Trisha Yearwood was the end all be all of country music star for me and my sister and my mom. I cooked breakfast with her and was basically convinced that we’re new best friends.”

Check out the full list of Thursday TV premieres below:

  • 9 p.m. EDT—“Finding Prince Charming” Season 1 on VH1
  • 10 p.m. EDT—“Better Things” Season 1 on FX
  • 10 p.m. EDT—“Haylie’s America” Season 1 on Cooking Channel