“Fallout 4” has teased some new scenes and a broken-down view of what synths are really made of. All of these can be seen in the latest art book for “Fallout 4.”

“Our artists created 2x the game assets for ‘Fallout 4’ than ‘Skyrim,’ get a taste in our art book,” said the BethesdaGameStudios on Twitter.

Some of the images feature rather creepy, but sophistically detailed androids and robots, which made an appearance before in the “Fallout 4” combat trailer. The androids or synths appear to have a complicated presence in the “Fallout 4” society.

Even in “Fallout 3,” there had been synths that played a major role, such as the Replicated Man. What these images show is what is underneath the human skin.

More than the synths, the teased images also feature some of the post-apocalyptic worlds in “Fallout 4.” Digital Spy added that the title has twice the number of assets compared to Bethesda’s other game, “Skyrim.”

On its Amazon page, the developer stated that the art book is a must-have for fans. It is also a good must-buy companion because it features a number of designs and concept art that has not been seen before. Some of these include characters, weapons and the environment. It is accompanied by a commentary by Bethesda.

“The Art of Fallout 4” art book is already available for preorder over at Amazon. Currently, it is priced at $28.06, discounted at 30 percent from $39.99. It will be out on Dec. 22.

These may be the last few details about “Fallout 4” before the game releases on Nov. 10. Xbox also gave some details as a sneak peek through a demo over at Xbox Wire.

Preston appears to be in a sticky situation while Piper offers help by sneaking him into Boston Red Sox’s former stadium. “Fallout 4” will also enable players to team up with 10 other companions as well as Dogmeat, the companion dog and Mr. Handy, the robot helper.

“Fallout 4” will feature the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. leveling system, which is based on statistics and perks that players will be able to choose from when they level up characters. It appears that there will be an easy access and easy-to-use interface for players, as the information needed are all written out in the style of a survival brochure.

"Fallout 4" trailer (Credit: YouTube/Open World Games)