Sony is currently working on the issues that players are facing after pre-ordering and downloading “Until Dawn,” one of the newest horror games to hit the PlayStation 4. While there are no problems with downloading the game and installing it on the console, attempting to play the game is where the problems come up, as gamers are met with a sign that states “128 Days till available.”

The issue was brought up in the official PlayStation forums, where many frustrated gamers, who downloaded the title, expressed their grievances. Most of the frustrated PlayStation users seem to suffer from the same problem, though Sony has stated that a team is looking into the problems of the digital version of the game.

So far, there are no problems with the physical copies of “Until Dawn,” as most of the complaints come from those who pre-ordered the digital version. Fans usually pre-order digital versions of a video game since it comes with several bonuses, such as downloadable content. Those who pre-order can also pre-load the game and play it once it has been released.

IGN noted that the game’s story is too unfocused to make it perfect, but otherwise claimed that the game is worth buying.

For those unfamiliar with the title, “Until Dawn” pays tribute to horror movies from the 1970s. The player gets to control one teenager from a group. If that teenager dies, the player is then given access to another teenager from the group. It should be noted that none of the teenagers could come back to life, so if they all die it’s game over for the player.

Sony has yet to give a timeline on when the digital versions of “Until Dawn” will be fixed, so it seems like those, who pre-ordered the digital version of the game, are in for a lengthy wait. “Until Dawn” is also available in retail stores and is a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Until Dawn - Launch Date Trailer | PS4 (Credit: YouTube/PlayStation)