A Taser was used on an unruly Oakland A’s fan during an altercation with stadium security guards and local police officers.

The unnamed A’s fan was attending Game 2 of Oakland’s ALDS series with the Detroit Tigers when stadium security approached him in an apparent bid to escort him out of the stands. It isn’t clear what the A’s fan did to inspire his own ejection, but the proceedings quickly turned violent.

The A’s fan, who had dark, graying hair and wore a tan shirt and glasses, had a brief exchange with a police officer, who turned him around and attempted to apply handcuffs. The middle-aged fan then lashed out at the arresting officer, a second officer and a security guard, struggling wildly in an attempt to escape their grasp.

The arresting officer attempted to lock the A’s fan in a headlock, but the fan quickly broke free, throwing a flurry of punches as the fight spilled onto bystanders.

As the fight grew increasingly intense, someone can he heard yelling “taze him!” to nearby security guards. One of the men leapt into the fracas and successfully shooting a Taser stun gun at the fan's back.

Eventually, a handful of police officers managed to drag the A’s fan from the stands and into custody. Authorities have yet to reveal the identity of the A’s fan, or to reveal which charges, if any, the man will face.

A video of the middle-aged A’s fan fighting security guards and getting shot with a Taser can be viewed below.

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