Lucille ball, the iconic American comedienne, would have turned 100 this weekend had she lived. I Love Lucy, the role which catapulted her to success, has aired in 80 countries and 22 languages. She was nominated for the Emmy Award 13 times and won it four times. She was also the first woman in the world to run a major television studio, Desilu.

Her show I Love Lucy, at its final season too ended up number one in the ratings. Such was the tremendous success of the show. She was married twice. First to Desi Armaz and then to Gary Morton. Her marriage with Gary Morton lasted 27 years till her death in 1989.

This weekend people all over America celebrated her 100th birthday. More than 900 men and women dressed like Lucille gathered in her hometown, Jamestown to celebrate her birthday in  an attempt to create a world record for the most Lucy lookalikes in a place. Sporting her trademark hairdo and polka dot dress, the Lucille lookalikes, some coming from as far as Australia, took part in the parade. There wasn't any Generational or gender divides in this parade of Lucille's with women and men as well in Lucille's costumes.