What's in a name? For Billy Shakespeare, not much. But for most fantasy football players, the name of their team is supremely important.

Team names can make your fellow league members laugh, declare your favorite player or show off how clever you are. But it's not always easy to come up with a good one. We're not all as clever as Shakespeare, after all. 

The first preseason game is set for Sunday, Aug. 9, when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Minnesota Vikings during Hall of Fame weekend. That means fantasy football plans are beginning to take shape and drafts will soon be held.

While planning a roster and finding sleeper picks are important, a team name shouldn't be overlooked. It defines your team for the season. The list below featuring 20 clever team names will give you plenty of fodder for the entire NFL season. Check out the lineup, with names compiled from AthlonSports, Bleacher Report and Twitter users.

1. The Walking Dez - If pop-culture relevance is your thing, then this combo of the Cowboys superstar wide receiver Dez Bryant and TV show "The Walking Dead" is perfect.

2. Kung Suh Panda - If you land the Miami Dolphins defense in the draft, then this name referencing defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh would be a great choice.

3. Brown-out Drunk - A good name for long-tortured Cleveland sports fans about (excessively) drowning sorrows.

4. The Bad News Beers - Another solid drinking reference.

5. I Don't Want Your Life - This one doesn't make much sense for the NFL, but it's a great shout out to classic football flick "Varsity Blues."

6. Do The Sankey Leg - A combination of Tennessee Titans running Bishop Sankey and the "stanky leg" dance.

7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles - Cowabunga, dude. The only problem with this name is that the Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Blake Bortles is ranked No. 28 at the position by ESPN.

8. Welker, Texas Ranger - For the Chuck Norris fans.

9. Drinking Fortes - Yet another drinking reference and Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte was a solid fantasy back last year.

10. Le'Veon On A Prayer - We're halfway there with this list.

11. Bend It Like Beckham Jr. - Second-year receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will likely be a hot commodity on draft boards after his stellar rookie season.

12. Gronkey Kong - Super Bowl champion tight end Rob Gronkowski was at times nearly unstoppable last season.

13. Geno 911! - Geno Smith and the TV show Reno 911! together in one very clever name.

14. Down By The (Philip) Rivers - Neil Young and the San Diego Chargers QB all wrapped up into one. Or, if you so choose, Chris Farley and Philip Rivers.

15. Forgetting Brandon Marshall - A fitting team name referencing the wide receiver who joined the New York Jets this offseason, his fourth different NFL stop.

16. Ladies and Edelman - Simple and clever.

17. InGlorious Staffords - For all the Quentin Tarantino fans out there who also dig Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford.

18. Turn Down For Watt - You can pretty much sub in superstar Houston Texan J.J. Watt's name with any phrase involving the word "What."

19. InstaJimmyGraham - Tight end Jimmy Graham will join the Seattle Seahawks this year, bringing in passes from quarterback Russell Wilson.

20. Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhooligans - If you land Aaron Rodgers, it's likely a beautiful day in your neighborhood.