Jamaal Charles is confident of his abilities on the football field, and the Kansas City Chiefs' running back is not shy in comparing his skills to those of LeBron James, arguably the most dominant player in the NBA.

"As long as I play in this league and play on a high level, I always feel like a team is going to have to stop me. I feel like sometimes I'm the LeBron [James] of football, especially at my position because I can do so much," Charles told ESPN.

Charles, 28, said “it’s a compliment” that NFL defenses give him extra attention in every play. ESPN noted both Charles and James are well-used by their squads. Charles produced about 27.8 percent of Kansas City’s total yardage while James scored or assisted in 40.9 percent in Cleveland’s offense in the regular season.

Charles and James took different paths before becoming the primary options for their respective squads. The running back was a third round pick in the 2008 NFL Draft by the Chiefs or the 73rd overall selection while James was the first overall pick by the Cavaliers in the 2003 NBA Draft.

Charles has registered more than 1,000 rushing yards in five of six seasons in his seven-year NFL career. Charles has also made the NFL Pro Bowl squad four times (2010 and 2012-14) and the NFL All-Pro First team twice (2010 and 2013).

However, James has already tasted an NBA championship, in 2012 and 2013, while Charles has yet go all the way to a Super Bowl title. Since 2008, the Chiefs have made the NFL post-season twice and gotten eliminated both times in the Wild Card round.