A new trailer for the sophomore season of “Fargo” is teasing some sticky scoop about the upcoming installment of the hit FX series. In the short and sweet trailer (pun intended), fans watch as a bottle of syrup gets blown to bits in the 10-second clip.

The decimation of the tasty, Minnesotan treat leaves the wall behind the gooey condiment dripping in the sugary substance ... similar to that of a murder scene.

But this isn’t the first “Fargo” trailer to subtly tease a deadly plot in Season 2 of Noah Hawley’s dark comedy. In a previous promo video, focused on Kirsten Dunst’s character Peggy Blomquist, a "beautician with big-city dreams," audiences watch as the distressed hairdresser aggressively tries to wash her hands clean of what looks like blood.

Shortly after, viewers learn that Peggy is trying to rid her stained fingers of the red hair dye that she’s just used on one of her clients, who is seen sporting crimson locks. But could there be more behind the video than meets the eye?

Perhaps Peggy is ferociously washing her hands because she’s haunted by an incident in which they were once tainted by the blood of someone else? After all, the synopsis for her character does say she “struggles with societal expectations.” Perhaps the pressure of succeeding gets to the stylist, forcing her to crack… and kill.

Could the syrup-themed trailer be a nod to Peggy, who is also sweet but deadly? From the looks of the lengthy, blood-soaked Season 2 trailer of “Fargo,” it’s safe to say the quiet state of Minnesota will be rocked with a string of booming murders. We're just questioning if Peggy is the one behind the deadly attacks.

“Fargo” will airs Season 2 this September on FX.