“Fargo” fans are getting another peek at the sophomore season of the hit FX series. And from what we saw in the newly released trailer from the upcoming anthology, titled “Right From Wrong,” the second installment of the Noah Hawley-created crime thriller is going to be dripping with drama, blood and chocolate glaze. (Apparently crime doesn't curb one's cravings for sweets!)

In the teaser, Patrick Wilson, who portrays the 1976 version of Lou Solverson (a character fans met in Season 1 who was previously played by Keith Carradine), kicks off by saying:

“The whole world… we’re just out of balance. Used to know right from wrong, moral sinner,” the Minnesota native declares before implying that things are now very different. Audiences then get a front row seat at scandalous drama set to occur throughout the second installment of the campy thriller, including someone getting shot.

“Hit him again,” Jeffrey Donovan’s character is heard saying in the promo video.

The 30-second trailer also includes a look at Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons who portray a married couple in “Fargo.” The Blomquists are seen sitting side-by-side in their car, which looks like just suffered a blow to the windshield. But a shattered car window should be the least of their worries. It seems as though Peggy (Dunst), a “small town beautician with big city dreams,” will have bigger problems on her hands -- literally -- during the forthcoming drama.

In a previous trailer Peggy was spotted frantically washing her blood red stained hands. But the distressed hairdresser’s hygienic practices get interrupted with the sound of a customer walking in to the parlor. That’s when viewers realize Peggy isn’t washing blood off her hands, but red dye from the tresses of a patron she’s beautifying with crimson locks.

Once again, Peggy is seen desperately trying to clean herself up in the most recent trailer as Ed’s wife aggressively scrubs the collar of her shirt.

Could the promo videos be hinting that Peggy might find herself in the middle of a murderous scandal? After all, the showrunner did reveal to Entertainment Weekly that the Blomquists would end up “caught in the middle of a war between the last of the mom-and-pop crime syndicates and an out-of-town new corporate syndicate.” Hawley added that Season 2 will focus around how that married couple “manages that situation.”

“Fargo” will return to FX with its Season 2 this fall.