Farrah Abraham’s Amazon Wish List: 5 Most Outrageous Items The Teen Mom Wants [PHOTOS]

on August 21 2013 1:22 PM

amazon2 Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has posted an Amazon Wish List of nearly 40 items she is asking her fans to buy for her.  Amazon Screenshot

Farrah Abraham wants it all.

The former star of MTV’s Teen Mom has released a book, an album, hot pepper sauce, landed a weight loss endorsement deal with something called Raspberry Tones, got some plastic surgery, showed off her beach body and of course, starred in a porn film she reportedly sold to Vivid Entertainment for $1 million. Now, the 22-year-old wants fans to pitch in and buy her thousands of dollars worth of stuff.

In an appeal to her 845,000 followers, Abraham tweeted a link to her Amazon Wish List comprised of nearly 40 items – nine of which are for 4-year-old daughter, Sophia.



As of Wednesday morning, none of the items have been purchased.

“Thank you for brighteni​ng my day, and giving me a gift that counts and will always be memorable,” Abraham wrote in the “about me” description that accompanies the two-page list.

Next to each item, Abraham wrote comments like “Redoing my dinning ;) decorate with me xo” next to a $1,299 dining room table, “I would look hot in this Bikini :)))” for a $25 sequin swimsuit and "Will love this for ever!:)” next to a $900 Sherri Hill dress.

So what else does Abraham need that she reportedly can’t afford?

Here’s a roundup of what this self-proclaimed “honest, hard-working, educated, well-balanced individual” wants fans to spoil her silly with:


4 Piece Sexy “Sexy Superhero” Costume

3  Amazon Screenshot

“I'm SUPER WOMEN:) fun” Abraham wrote. She also requested a "Harem Hottie" and "Devious Maid" costumes for Halloween.



Cali White Chandelier

1  Amazon Screenshot

“Entriguing ;)” Abraham wrote next to the  1920s-inspired chandelier.



Coral Crochet Deep Plunge Monokini

4  Amazon Screenshot

“I think this is hot !;)” Abraham wrote. She also listed a red and yellow crocheted monokini being sold for $30 each.



Aiden Side Chair with Black Leg

2  Amazon Screenshot '

“Love these dinning chairs:)” Abraham wrote. She requested five of the chairs valued at $599 each.




French Vintage 3 Column Bookcase

5  Amazon Screenshot

“I'm a reader :) Thank you” Abraham wrote next to the hand-crafted bookshelf made from salvaged pine timbers.




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