Pornography apparently isn’t the only new career Farrah Abraham is pursuing: According to a recent report, the former “Teen Mom” star used the publicity from her recent sex tape to sign a six-figure endorsement deal with Raspberry Tones, a company that manufactures the Dr. Oz-approved weight-loss supplement Raspberry Ketone.

According to TMZ, Raspberry Tones first caught wind of Abraham last month, when photos of her frolicking on the beach in a bikini surfaced online, during part of the shoot for her sex tape with James Deen.

A company rep told the gossip site, "Farrah represents a growing audience of young, active people who take care of their health and use only natural products to look and feel great. Farrah looks fit and fabulous, and takes care of her body, and a lot of health-conscious people can look up to that."

The weight-loss supplement, which has spawned a wave of competing products, first gained widespread attention when it was mentioned on an episode of “The Dr. Oz Show” in 2012. On his website, Dr. Oz describes the weight-loss supplement as a “fat-burner in a bottle.”  The syndicated talk show host told audience members that research had  proven that raspberry ketone, a compound found in red raspberries, boosts a protein hormone in the body called adiponectin (also referred to as GBP-28), which controls several metabolic processes in the body.

While red raspberries only contain a nominal amount of raspberry ketone, Dr. Oz recommends taking 100mg per day -- roughly the equivalent of 90 lbs of raps berries -- to see results. Oz also recommends combining the weight loss supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

A recent press release for a similar product, Raspberry Ketone Liquid Drops, touted the product as an effective way to lose weight and said that it had no negative side effects.

“The weight loss power of raspberry ketones has been known for a few years now, with many people benefiting from the help they can get to regulate their weight from ketones. However raspberry ketones in a liquid form is a fairly recent innovation,” a spokesperson for Botanical Health Labs, the company that makes the product, said. “Unlike pills, the body doesn’t have to work quite so hard to absorb the active ingredient.”

However, while bottles of the product had already begun flying off store shelves last year, ABCNews reported, the popular medical site WebMD claims that there is not currently any reliable scientific evidence that proves that raspberry ketone is effective in helping people lose weight.

"People are willing to take chances,” Mary Hartley, a clinical nutritionist in Brooklyn, N.Y., told ABC. “It's amazing how many people look for a miracle instead of looking at what they're eating and how much they're moving and fixing whatever is broken.”

Abraham, who has gushed over compliments she’s gotten on Twitter on her toned physique, credits her appearance with a regimen of hydro yoga and pole fitness and taking Raspberry Tones. “Everyone always asks how I stay in shape -- here's my secret,” Abraham tweeted last week, along with a link to the company’s website.

#RaspberryTones How I'm keepin #Sexy4Summer,” she added in another tweet the next day.

View the video below to see Dr. Oz discussing the supplement.