With “Fear the Walking Dead” a decided hit, many of its cast members are able to allow themselves to dream about future seasons and longer character arcs that they’ll receive by the end of Season 1. Although there are only two episodes behind us, actress Alycia Debnam-Carey is already toying with ideas for her character’s future.

Debnam-Carey plays Alicia Clark on “Fear the Walking Dead,” one of the few characters that have yet to wake up to the impending zombie apocalypse, mostly because she’s too caught up with her boyfriend and the prospect of finally escaping her broken family and going off to college. The character isn’t just unable to see what’s going on around her -- she’s unwilling to say goodbye to the world, something the actress indicated makes playing her immensely enjoyable.

In a recent AOL Build interview, the Australian star of “The 100” opened up about her “Fear the Walking Dead” character and what she’ll go through in the future, possibly in the already-announced second season. According to Debnam-Carey, Alicia’s got the most to lose when the world ends, which makes her dangerous. 

Fear the Walking Dead "Fear the Walking Dead" character Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) appears in a promotional photograph for Season 1. Recently, the actress opened up about the future of the character on the AMC television series. Photo: AMC

“I think it’s interesting. Without spoiling anything, I think there’s two different paths. There’s that idea that she has the most to lose out of everyone because she has those ambitions. She wants to get out of [Los Angeles]. It’s about starting fresh,” she said of her character’s looming travails as she answered question before the crowd in New York Sept. 1. “I think, with that, she either rises to the occasion and uses that resilience to become a very stoic and resilient person or it will destroy her. I’m not sure yet.”

Fortunately, fans of the series’ parent show, “The Walking Dead,” have more of an idea where the world of hopelessness will go as that series, about to enter its sixth season, has shown us time and again. Debnam-Carey, who indicated she binge-watched the parent show in its entirety in the three weeks after she got the role in “Fear the Walking Dead,” believes one character from that series could help Alicia once the world truly goes kaput: Maggie Greene, played by Lauren Cohan. 

“I think Maggie is my most relatable character, if I had to pick one,” she said. “I think they’d get along very well. She’s got kind of a big-sister vibe, which I would like.”

Unfortunately, the odds of Alicia and Maggie crossing paths aren’t good, at least in the immediate future. After all, the action in “Fear the Walking Dead” not only takes place clear across the country from the events in “The Walking Dead” but also takes place several weeks before the first episode of the series that’s already burned through five seasons. Still, with the new show breaking cable-television records, it’s not unreasonable to speculate about a time far down the road when both series run in tandem.

“Fear the Walking Dead” airs on AMC Sunday nights.