Things just got scary on AMC’s bold new web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" as the passengers aboard the plane discover the zombie bite is going to cause them more trouble before the 16-part web exclusive is complete.

By now, most people know that “Fear the Walking Dead” is airing snippets of a half-hour long side story. Each episode airs during commercial breaks of Season 6 of “The Walking Dead” and is then posted to the official AMC website after that. However, those that download the network’s mobile app for iOS, Android or Windows Phone are allowed to see the latest episode three days early.

Last week’s episode revealed the sick patient who sequestered himself in the bathroom for a majority of the flight is now dying on the floor of the plane. The man, who seems to be some kind of air marshal, is performing CPR when episode 7 begins. The people of the plane are gathered around to watch while the man’s wife is in hysterics trying to get him to wake up. The captain comes over the intercom, clearly unaware of what’s happening, to announce that the power outage in Phoenix is forcing the plane to turn around and head back to Los Angeles International Airport.

This isn’t a surprising twist as it was previously revealed that one character from "Flight 462” will join the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 as a regular addition to the group. Since those characters exist in Los Angeles, the plane needed to return there somehow. Still, the decision by the Captain means that medical attention won’t be coming imminently for the dying man.

A young woman, who has clearly been wise to what’s going on in the world since she initially stepped on the plane, notices blood seeping through the man’s shirt and tells the flight attendant, air marshal and wife to get out of the way. She rips open his button-up and discovers a bandage covering a pretty fresh and nasty-looking bite mark. While the characters might not know the significance of the bite, the audience is aware that the man is likely dying of a fever and will come back very soon as a walker. The air marshal even noted that CPR was a bit of a moot point as he wasn’t feeling a pulse for a while.

With a long return flight ahead of them and a possible zombie on the way, the flight is already starting to descend into chaos. With nine installments left before audiences figure out who the survivor will be, it looks like things will be on a downward slope for the characters aboard “Flight 462” from here on out.

You can watch the latest episode early via the official AMC mobile app.