It’s official, things are finally going bad for the characters on “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” as it becomes clear who the carrier of the zombie virus is on the plane and the passengers start to panic. After last week’s episode saw the new characters get above the city of Phoenix, Arizona, the latest shows them once again dealing with the problem in the air as opposed to the one on the ground.

As with each installment of the 16-part web exclusive, it will premiere on TV during a commercial break of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 before going up online for the world to see after. However, for those that have access to the AMC mobile app, the network is allowing you to watch episode 6 of the show early.

With the city going dark below them, presumably from the zombie apocalypse raging beneath, the real danger is in the bathroom as a sick passenger has locked himself inside. Last week’s webisode ended with the flight attendant banging on the door hoping that the man would come out. This week’s episode picked up right where the action left off.

The breakout star of the latest episode is the young woman that seems to know exactly what’s going on in the zombie apocalypse. As the flight attendant prepares to force her way into the bathroom stall, the young woman gets up and starts moving toward the door advising her not to unlock it. Before she can get close, a passenger stands up and blocks her path. Although the man didn’t introduce himself, his actions and propensity to eavesdrop on everything that’s been going on so far in the series indicate that he might be an air marshal. As pop culture, movies and television prove, sometimes air marshals hide as regular passengers in order to properly keep an eye on those flying. If he ends up being an officer of some sort, it’s possible he’s allowed to carry a firearm on the plane, which will either help or exacerbate the problem immensely.

The brief 35-second episode ends with the flight attendant unlocking the door from the outside to reveal that the man’s condition has worsened immensely since getting in the stall. It’s unclear if he’s dead or dying, but the fact of the matter is he needs immediate medical attention (or a serious head injury) before the rest of the passengers can be considered safe.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until AMC releases the seventh installment of the popular web series next week on its official mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In the meantime, fans can watch the previous five episodes on the "Fear the Walking Dead" website.