After becoming one of the hottest new shows on TV, and building off the success of AMC’s most popular drama, fans can finally mark their calendars for the return of “Fear The Walking Dead.” Promising to explore the intrepid group of survivor’s adventures on the high seas, Season 2 of the companion series to “The Walking Dead” will pick up almost immediately after the flagship series ends Season 6. 

It was announced that “Fear the Walking Dead” will officially return for its 15 episode, Season 2 run Sunday, April 10. With Rick Grimes and the original crew returning for the last eight episodes of Season 6 on Feb. 12, that leaves only a one-week gap between the Season 6 finale and the Season 2 premiere of “Fear” (assuming the show takes a week off for Easter Sunday, that is).

It looks like fans won’t have to wait another few months between the end of one Robert Kirkman-inspired zombie show and the premiere of another. However, what's most interesting about the April 10 release date is that it puts the new companion series in direct competition with HBO’s massive hit “Game of Thrones,” which debuts April 24 for a 10-episode run. “Fear the Walking Dead” broke cable TV viewership records with its premiere, earning it the largest series debut in cable history, and it looks like the network is betting big on the show against HBO. 

News of the companion series’ return comes along with the release of the first promotional image for the show featuring Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) and Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades) presumably aboard the yacht of the mysterious Victor Strand (Colman Domingo). After narrowly escaping the National Guard’s quarantine at the end of Season 1, the characters decided to ride out the apocalypse on the water.

The photo came with the announcement that not only will “Fear the Walking Dead” return with 15 all-new episodes, but each one will be followed by Chris Hardwick’s popular “Talking Dead” after show that’s helped foster audience engagement on “The Walking Dead.” 

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