Fans of “Fear the Walking Dead” and its expanded “Flight 462” web series were given a bit of a treat in episode 3 of Season 2. In it, the AMC show addressed one of its biggest cliffhangers and revealed a bit more about the group’s unofficial captain. 

“Ouroboros” opens by finally revealing the fate of the passengers from the “Flight 462” web series. After being teased with small episodic installments during commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6, fans finally learned which passengers survived the deadly ordeal. 

The main characters were Jake (Brendan Meyer) and Charlie (Michelle Ang). Charlie promised the young Jake that she would protect him, and the episode begins with her doing just that. Swimming for their lives in the water following the wreckage of their plane, Charlie discovers Jake clinging to a buoyant piece of debris. When she gets closer, she notices that the right side of his face and body has been severely injured and burned. Together, they swim to a nearby life raft, where two other men are trying to scoop up survivors. When they find a fifth, one of them notices that he has a bite in his ankle and mercilessly kills him with a paddle. 

It’s not long before Jake’s wounds pose a cause for concern, prompting one of the men to try to kill him in his sleep. But when he tries, Charlie moves faster and stabs him in the stomach, killing him instantly. Some time later, the last remaining stranger, who is significantly more compassionate than the other guy, tries to convince Charlie to put Jake out of his misery. In his defense, Jake looked pretty bad. 

The episode then cuts to the the control room of the yacht Abigail, where Strand (Colman Domingo) is using his secret phone to reach out to his contact in Mexico. However, he’s getting no response. Just as he’s getting frustrated, the ship suddenly goes dead in the middle of the water. Travis (Cliff Curtis) has been pouring over the ship’s operations manual and believes that the engines have stopped getting water to cool off because they’d sucked something up into the filter. Strand doesn’t want this to take long since there are murderers chasing them from last week’s episode, so he makes Travis don a diving suit and check it out at night. When he does, he finds the man that was urging Charlie to kill Jake. He reveals that their filtration system is down and he’ll need the rest of the day to fix it, much to their unofficial captain’s dismay. But everyone else on board just wants to kill some time when Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) gives them all a pretty important task. 

She’s been looking through the binoculars and noticed a bunch of luggage on the shore nearby. Although she doesn’t know it, the audience recognizes it as the debris from Flight 462. Alicia, Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) and Nick (Frank Dillane) want to go looking for supplies and medicine, but their parents aren’t keen on the idea. Daniel (Rubén Blades) offers to go with them to keep an eye on them, and they reluctantly agree.

Before he goes, he reveals to Madison (Kim Dickens) that he previously found Strand’s secret stash of maps that point to an unknown location in Mexico. She asks him why he didn’t say anything, and he tells her that he believes she could be a bit more diplomatic about the whole issue. As soon as the away team is gone, she proves that she’s not the most diplomatic person either. 

She grills Strand about his plan, and he calmly tells her that he’s taking them a compound in Mexico where there’s self-sustaining power, water and a large stash of food. He also claims that it has concrete walls, but his window for getting there is closing. Shockingly, Madison doesn’t ask for more details, despite Strand making it clear that everyone might not be able to join him. Before leaving him alone, she mentions that she’ll kill him if he turns on her family. 

She then goes and talks to Travis in the engine room, but he’s hard at work learning how to fix a yacht’s filtration system. She lays out the plan to him and he laments not being consulted before she made up her mind.

Fear the Walking Dead “Fear the Walking Dead,” Season 2, episode 3 saw Daniel (Rubén Blades) and Nick (Frank Dillane) search for supplies along the shore. Photo: AMC

Meanwhile, on shore, the away team has made it to the wreckage and is scouring the place looking for supplies. Nick proves to be the most valuable member of the team when he’s quickly able to discern which drugs are useful and which are just going to take up space on the yacht. While everyone is distracted scavenging, Chris splits off in search of an excuse to kill more walkers. After getting a taste for it in last week’s episode, it seems he’s gone a little off the rails. He finds his way into a part of the plane’s passenger seating and discovers a few walkers and a lone survivor. He deals with the riff-raff and then tries to help the man, but it quickly becomes clear that even a well-equipped ambulance would have difficulty patching up the gaping wound in his back. He begs Chris to kill him, which he tearfully agrees to do. 

Meanwhile, Daniel has realized that Chris is missing and angrily goes in search of him. Although he only cares about himself and Ofelia (Mercedes Mason), he gave Travis his word that he’d keep his children safe. He doesn’t find Chris, but instead discovers Charlie, running for her life from a massive herd of walkers, which are presumably the rest of the passengers aboard the plane. They link up with Chris and Alycia and they all battle with their backs to the edge of a cliff. It looks like their luck has run out when Nick appears, covered in blood and guts. This obviously masks his scent and allows him to clear a path through the walkers for the others to escape. Narrowly making it back to their lifeboat, Charlie informs them that they need to make a stop before returning to the Abigail. 

Somehow, she’s kept Jake alive and means to continue to do so with the help of her new allies. Sadly, when they all arrive back on the yacht, Strand is less welcoming than most were expecting. He flat out says that they cannot take them with him. Madison begins to protest, but he tells her that they won’t be welcomed where they’re going. Realizing that the choice is now between saving other people and saving her family, Madison stops fighting. Travis comes up with the elegant solution of towing their life raft behind Abigail, keeping everyone on board safe. Realizing he will be outvoted on his own ship, Strand agrees, but not for long. 

As the rest of the survivors go off to ponder the hard choice they just had to make, Strand walks right past Madison and cuts the tie keeping Abigail tethered to the life raft. Just like that, he condemned Charlie and Jake to die in the middle of the ocean with incredibly limited supplies. It’s unclear if this was the last we’ll see of the “Flight 462” survivors, but the moment when Madison looked as they were shrinking onto the horizon did have a certain tone of finality to it. 

Fans will just have to tune in next week to AMC to see how it all plays out on “Fear the Walking Dead.”