With two episodes of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 under its belt, AMC is going to finish one of its boldest storytelling moves yet in episode 3, titled “Ouroboros.” After teasing a new character meeting the cast in Season 2, the plot of the web-exclusive “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” will finally come to fruition, revealing who survived and what happened when the plane went down.

It was revealed that AMC would show the 16-part “Flight 462” storyline during commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6. When it was all over, the network teased that a survivor would join the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2, and now viewers have an idea of who it will be.

The AMC series showed some of its cards for the big reveal in the teaser trailer for episode 3, posted below. At long last, we know that the person who escapes the plane is Charlie (Michelle Ang). She can be seen in the early moments of the trailer sitting on a life raft tending to some serious wounds suffered by Jake (Brendan Meyer), who is also a character on the web series. Sadly, she appears in the teaser later on, but without her travel companion. While it’s too early to speculate about his fate, it’s clear that the survivors aboard the luxury yacht Abigail are going to have to get to know Charlie at the very least. As a result, many fans may be wondering what exactly “Flight 462” taught us about her already.

Fortunately for those who missed the web exclusive, it purposely left the character's back story vague. We know that she had relatively last-minute plans to leave Los Angeles and head to Phoenix. But thanks to situation aboard the flight, and the fact that Phoenix went dark just before its initial descent, the plane turned back before it crashed. While on board, Charlie demonstrated an innate knowledge of both how people turn into walkers as well as the most effective way to kill them.

As soon as a passenger developed a nasty cough in episode 4, Charlie was immediately asking the tough questions. When Jake asked her if she thinks the passenger is infected with the flu that’s going around, she gives him a nasty look and ignores him. Later, when the man in question dies, she’s the only one instructing people to stand clear of him. When his corpse reanimates, she knows to stab it in the head, and does the same to the man’s bitten wife before she has a chance to turn as well. While it’s still unclear how she knows so much about the zombie apocalypse, she’s clearly got the know-how to teach the crew of the Abigail a thing or two about surviving in this new world. After all, it takes a special kind of person to survive a plane crash and have no obvious bumps or bruises to show for it.

Other than an acute knowledge of the zombie outbreak, Charlie’s character can be marked by her reluctant compassion. She spent the entirety of “Flight 462” giving Jake the evil eye until he finally assisted in saving her life. Realizing he’s not all bad, she broke down and confessed that she was being so curt to him because she knew that the reason his mother wasn’t on the flight with him is that she ruthlessly took the last seat on board. Although there's a special kind of hate reserved for people who snake the last seat on a flight, she promises to take care of him until he can reunite with his parents as the plane starts to go down.

That is the last fans heard of Flight 462. Episode 3 of “Fear the Walking Dead” will reveal exactly how much of a debt Charlie owes Jake and whether she’ll be able to pay it before one of them succumbs to the apocalypse in one way or another. Are you excited to learn how “Flight 462” plays out in the end? Comment below or tweet your thoughts on the matter to @TylerMcCarthy.