The penultimate episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” set up some pretty high-stakes drama heading into the sixth and final episode of Season 1. With an entire week to go until fans can finally figure out what will happen to the new group of Los Angeles-based survivors, AMC is teasing certain elements of the finale.

The episode, like the rest of the series so far, promises to force the characters to make the impossible call that the world is over and to adapt accordingly. This is becoming increasingly difficult given the National Guard is acting more as prison guards than soldiers determined to help the citizens of LA. According to the preview synopsis for "The Good Man," it looks like this conflict between citizens and what’s left of the law will be the main point of contention as the series wraps up its first run.

“As civil unrest continues to grow and the dead take over, Travis and Madison must explore new ways to protect their families in the Season 1 finale,” reads the episodes official TV Guide synopsis.

For those who missed out on episode 4, “Cobalt,” things started to unravel in a hurry for those that remain in the National Guard’s “safe zone,” especially for Daniel Salazar (Ruben Blades). After [SPOILER ALERT] torturing his daughter’s make-out buddy/soldier Andrew (Shawn Hatosy), he learned that the National Guard is planning to evacuate as many U.S. government personnel as possible while “humanely terminating” any civilians they aren’t able to save. Not only does this put a ticking clock on all the characters, it forces Daniel to figure out what’s to be done with his prisoner.

It was revealed throughout the episode that Daniel has a few dark secrets left over from his days surviving the war in his home country. According to the TV spot for the upcoming episode, posted below, it looks like he’s planning to execute his prisoner, something that, hopefully, Travis (Cliff Curtis) will voice an objection to.

Although the events going on in the safe zone neighborhood is interesting enough, the real epicenter of the apocalypse is happening in the make-shift prison where the soldiers are bringing all the sick – including Nick (Frank Dillane) and Liza (Elizabeth Rodriguez). While the former is being held as a prisoner, the latter is there of her own free will. Given her skills as a nurse, Liza was asked by Doctor Bethany Exner (Sandrine Holt) to stay and help her take care of the sick and contain the outbreak. In the teaser clip below, Liza’s loyalty to her cause is tested when it becomes clear that she’s going to be unable to save everyone back at the house from operation Cobalt.

It looks like Travis’ plan to unite his old family with his new one didn’t go quite as well as he’d hoped as Liza seems to have jumped at the first chance to rescue only her son and ex-husband. However, given what we know about these characters and the fact that “The Walking Dead” assures us that the military’s plan, whatever it is, doesn’t end up working out, odds are good that this scenario won’t exactly come to fruition.

Unfortunately, fans will just have to wait until Sunday, Oct. 4, to find out when AMC premieres the Season 1 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” Be sure to tune in for the first ever "Talking Dead" for "Fear the Walking Dead," hosted by Chris Hardwick, premiering just after the finale episode at 10:00 p.m. EDT.