Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj’s music video for the song “Feeling Myself” has become a hot topic in Twitter-dom since its release Wednesday because one scene received a very strong reaction from fans, E! News reported. The scene shows Beyoncé emptying an expensive bottle of Champagne -- Armand De Brignac, aka Ace of Spades -- into the tub.

Since the music video’s release, people have been posting reactions on Twitter, saying that seeing Beyoncé pour out the bottle’s contents is like a slap in the face. Some even commented how the act is the equivalent of pouring a person’s college tuition fees into the tub, and how there are better uses for that amount of money -- and no use for ostentatious displays of wealth. The Champagne can sell for anywhere from $300 to hundreds of thousands of dollars per bottle. The price of the bottle in Beyoncé ’s hands, however, is unknown.

However, few fans seemed bothered when rappers sprayed Ace of Spades all around in previous videos, Yahoo Celebrity noted. 

Jay Z, Beyoncé ’s husband, has been associated with Armand de Brignac due to its distinctive insignia, and also for having bought a stake in the company in November. According to the New York Post, Jay Z bought the stake held by Sovereign Brands, a New York wine and spirits company owned by the Berish family. The family didn’t divulge the value of Jay Z's stake, but the brand in its entirety is said to be worth $25 million to $30 million.