Attorney Ronald J. Brockmeyer, who was singled out in the Department of Justice's report on law enforcement abuse last week for his conduct serving as a municipal judge in Ferguson, Missouri, has resigned as a prosecuting attorney in Vinita Park and Florissant, two nearby municipalities. Brockmeyer resigned as a municipal judge earlier this week. The DOJ report said Brockmeyer handed out rulings unfair to minority defendants to make money for the municipality and would get friends and himself out of traffic tickets.

Brockmeyer was reportedly known as a hard-line judge. The DOJ found evidence that he bragged about generating increasing revenues, often with the creation of excessive fines, over his 10 years of service in Ferguson. There has been no evidence that Brockmeyer acted inappropriately as a prosecutor in Vinita Park or Florissant.

The mayors of Florrisant and Vinita Park defended Brockmeyer. Florrisant Mayor Thomas Schneider cited Brockmeyer's record in the Vietnam War and that "he has again placed the best interest and well-being of others ahead of his own personal benefit," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Vinita Park Mayor  James McGee said Brockmeyer "was fair and compassionate" and will be "dearly missed."