Ferrell Ejects Shaq: Will Ferrell Acts As Staples Center Security Guard During Lakers Game, Ejects Former NBA Star From Arena [VIDEO]

By @CareyDrew2 on
Will Ferrell dressed as a security guard at the Staples Center for last night's Lakers game. And at one point, he found Shaquille O'Neal sitting courtside, asked him to leave and escorted him away from the floor.

While it is not considered a rarity to spot a celebrity in the crowd at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game, it is in fact considered odd to see one of those celebrities working as a Staples Center security guard.

That’s exactly what NBA fans in Los Angeles and around the country saw on Tuesday night when the Lakers faced off against the Phoenix Suns at the Staples Center. Throughout the game, comedian Will Ferrell could be seen working the hardwood floor beat as a security guard.

Never breaking character, Ferrell stood his ground whenever play stopped, making sure that the crowd and the photographers stayed in order.

Ferrell’s stunt came to an end right after he found former Lakers star Shaquille O'Neal sitting courtside and escorted him away from the floor.

It is unclear if this was just a prank or if Ferrell was filming a scene for a movie.

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