The demo of much expected FIFA 12 has arrived on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Electronic Arts (EA) boasts FIFA 12 as their most complete entry in FIFA franchise, with all-around upgrades to control, AI and animations.

EA developed a new animation system Player Impact Engine, that captures the unpredictable nature of soccer, and considers the fitness and trajectory of bodies as they collide together and with the ball. Tactical Defending incorporates strategy into defensive play, and Precision Dribbling allows players to control the ball close, shield from defenders and move more fluidly across the pitch.

Another new feature Pro Player Intelligence allows players to interact with each other according to their strengths an weaknesses, building the best setups.

With the free FIFA 12 demo, you can choose among six teams: Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Marseille, Dortmund and AC Milan.

While the demo has gone live, some users had difficulty downloading it. is having issues at the moment. It's being worked on - sorry for the hassle folks, Eric Neustadter, Director of Architecture for Xbox Live Operations, tweeted on Tuesday.

You can download FIFA 12 demo for PC here.

FIFA 12 will be released by Sept. 30th. In North America, the release date is set on Sept. 27.

Ahead of the official release, equip yourself with some new skills: