FIFA 12, which is the nineteenth game in Electronic Arts' FIFA series, has finally arrived and this time it has brought more realistic gameplay along with it. Some fans may be forgiven if they think the new game will be quite the same as its earlier releases. However, this year EA Sports is set to debut a more dynamic game, with new features and characteristics that will certainly compel any gamer to stand up take notice.

There are three primary changes to the core gameplay engine for this year's release - the Player Impact Engine, Precision Dribbling and, importantly, Tactical Defending.

The Player Impact Engine has been heavily worked upon for this year. Players will now react to heavy collisions in a more realistic manner. The collision will depend on the physical mass of the players involved, as well as their momentum. The developers have done well to cast off the near-robotic players of previous versions and breathe life into them. FIFA 12

The game has a second ace up its sleeve - the Precision Dribbling skill. This year's FIFA edition allows the player to have greater control over the ball, particularly in close quarters. The player will now be able to sprint past opposing defenders in a more realistic manner.

The third innovation for the year, in a sense, complements the second. The addition of Tactical Defending means that the player, when controlling a defender, must do more than simply dive on to the striker's feet to try and force mistakes.

Finally, the tweaks in the Career Mode will see the player given 15 seasons to grow his perfect team - either with a gigantic starting budget or by taking a team of minnows from the lower leagues to championship glory. To make things spicier, EA, this time, decided to make the transfer window a little tougher than it usually is and add a brand new Transfer Deadline Day. What that means is that players will now behave more realistically, often getting irritated or tired of their clubs and demand immediate transfers if not played often. FIFA 12

In a previous article, where I'd compared FIFA 12 with Pro Evolution Soccer 12, I'd mentioned that I had started off my Career Mode with Arsenal.

The first real problem I faced, almost immediately, was skipper Robin van Persie demanding a transfer; apparently, he felt he'd been at one club for too long. I had a hard time finding a replacement (RVP went to Barcelona for a hefty £32 million; I still feel I should have gotten more for him!). Eventually, though, I did manage to get hold of Bayern Munich's Thomas Mueller.

I'm seven seasons into my career at Arsenal (an advance of four seasons from my last article) and I have just concluded a rather painful deal involving the sale of Jack Wilshere (who had an overall rating of 89, when he was just 20 years old). I received nearly £48 million for the player, who, again, wanted to leave. So rest assured that no one is going to stay, unless you play him regularly; the only advice I can offer in such a situation is to make thorough use of the transfer window and study the characteristics and abilities of every player before you bid for him. You could also try and target players who have the ability to grow, rather than bid for those who have already reached their peaks and will not evolve, no matter how often you play them. FIFA 12

Also remember that this time your role with the players and the media will be much bigger. Unhappy players will now talk to the press to try and cook up interest from other clubs. Other improvements to Career Mode include the calendar, news story displays and news feeds, which makes information such as forthcoming events, transfers and rumors more reachable. FIFA 12

Here are 10 tips that you could follow to understand the new features better. Have fun.

1. Aerial Threat:

2. Tips – Heel Chop:

3. Pointback Celebration:

4. Tips – Roulette:

5. Career Mode – Youth Academy:

6. Career Mode – Transfers:

7. Career Mode – Form and Morale:

8. Pro Player Intelligence – Vision:

9. New Skill Moves – Elastico Chop and Scoop Turn:

10. Q&A with David Rutter (Line Producer for FIFA 12) – All you need to know:

A. Your Wishlist:

B. Visual Presentation:

C. Football Club:

D. Core Gameplay: