Like in the previous editions, FIFA 12 too has many hidden players. If you make the right deal, you can end up with a player whom you buy for cheap but after three or four years his valuation brings you double the money with the player's overall development.

Here are ten of them whom you should consider signing.

Nathan Redmond (Birmingham City and England): FIFA 12 has highly rated this player within the game who does tactical thinking and is a Speedster. If you are looking for someone who can run a lot and last the whole 90 minutes at the same time for cheap, he is someone who should be in your team. With a starting overall of 80 when he is only 17-years-old, the player has a potential of growing from 74-88.

Christian Eriksen (Ajax and Denmark): A gifted attacking midfielder in real life, the player is one of those who may not come for cheap (£30 million) but justifies it by growing pretty fast with more and more playtime. Standing at an overall of 86, Eriksen is just 19-years-old and has the capacity of growing from 80-90. The forte of the player include precision passing, clinical finishing. His other specialties include being a Speedster, Dribbler and Acrobat with Flair. Keep a lookout for this player if you got enough cash to spend.

Alessio Cerci (Fiorentina and Italy): Cerci is a value-for-money winger who has also been highly rated in the FIFA 12 roster as one of the growing youngsters. Although he starts off at the age of 24, he makes it up by being dynamic on the field and if you manage to sign him. Cerci has a potential of reaching an overall from 75-88 and within four seasons he will reach an overall of at least 85 which is quite promising. Although it is important to remember that one of Cerci's traits include Injury Prone apart from Finesse Shot and Flair.

Harmeet Singh (Valerenga and Norway): In real life, Singh's club rates him very highly as a very talented and dedicated midfielder. In FIFA 12, similar to Redmond, this Norwegian is a promising young talent who is just 79 at the age of 21 when the career mode kicks off, but has the immense potential of growing up to 88 if player regularly. He is an Acrobat and a Speedster which means he will make finishes that are stylish yet clinical and can run greater lengths of the field. If you play him as an attacking midfielder at the CAM position, he will compliment your strikers very well and will always be present for rebounds and accurate passing.

Alan Dzagoev (CSKA Moscow and Russia): The 21-year-old Russian attacking midfielder starts off in FIFA 12 with an overall of 79 and has the ability to reach at least 89. In four season of regular playtime the player will amass an overall of 85 that will also attract clubs from across Europe to acquire his talent. The only advice is that do not sell the player because he has the potential to win games and perform in tremendous pressure, unless of course he wants a change in club. Keep a lookout for Dzagoev's long shots and within four years he may fetch you somewhere around £50 million if you do end up selling him. He is both a Dribbler and Acrobat.

Nathaniel Clyne (Crystal Palace and England): Clyne is just 20-years-old and already is a sensation in FIFA 12. He starts off with an overall of 79 that can rise up to 82 and even beyond that. He is a fast grower and one of the best right backs among the players of his age. Again he is pretty cheap (£4 million) and is an essential player to replace any outgoing right back. Clyne can also perform long throw-ins, an ability that you do not find very often, and is a difficult challenge for any opposing team, keeping in mind EA Sports' introduction of Tactical Defending this year.

Ivan Rakitic (Sevilla and Croatia): Rakitic is a catch of the transfer window. You will have to go through a long bidding process to acquire the services of this midfield man, but know that once you get hold of him, he is bound to become one of your prized possessions in the team. Rakitic will start off with an overall of 80 which is quite flattering and in just four seasons he can grow up to 85. His ability, however, allows him to grow from 80 to 90. The player is a very handy man who can also be used as a part-time winger with clinical finishing and great dribbling skills. Try snapping him up once you start the career mode because later on his price tag will drastically increase.

Frederik Sorensen (Juventus and Denmark): Word of advice: If you see this player, make no hesitation of putting in a bid for him because he is worth him. Play this 19-year-old often and he will grow at a great pace with a potential of 74-88. You may hesitate to buy him when you see just an overall of 74 but a promising center back who costs just around £7 million and will grow in both amount and overall as time progresses.

Igor Akinfeev (CSKA Moscow and Russia): If you are looking for a good goalkeeper for cheap, this is the player you may want to snap up during the transfer season. Although he is already 25 when the career mode kicks off, he still has an overall of 84 that will increase with every game he plays. He is also a great shot stopper and is available for a comparatively cheap price. The player's ability always brings interest from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Nikolay Mihaylov (FC Twente and Bulgaria): Mihaylov starts off in the career mode when he is already 23-years-old but has a growing capacity ranging from 79-85. Within four seasons he will increase up to 84 and will be available for somewhere around £8 million. He is more of a backup keeper if your number one keeper makes a sudden exit for another club.