Emma Watson of Harry Potter (and post-Potter pixie cut) fame could be coming to a theater near you as America's favorite submissive, Fifty Shades of Grey's Anastasia Steel. Wrap your head around that while you watch the next ABC Family wizard flick marathon.

Casting rumors about the movie adaptation of the BDSM novel by E.L. James have been flying for months, and while other starlets names are still being thrown around when there's talk about the female lead, it looks like Watson is currently leading the pack.

The book everyone's mom is reading and no one wants their mom to read tells the story of Anastasia, a college student who learns the ropes (pun definitely intended) of bondage in bed from powerful businessman Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder, certified sexy this Sunday by the youth of America at the Teen Choice Awards, is a favorite to play Christian.

In the end, whether Watson is dominated by Somderhalder on the big screen, or a completely different pair of young stars will be forever associated with the hit trio of erotic novels, is up to Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti, who have been tasked with casting the film.