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Chris Colfer's 'Struck By Lightening' Will Be Adapted Into His First Young Adult Book

"Glee's" Chris Colfer has just begun his literary career, but he's already planning on exploring new genres. Colfer's first novel, a middle-grade fantasy titled "The Land of Stories," was released on July 17 and debuted at #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Now Colfer will turn his attention to young adult books. The 22-year old actor will release "Struck By Lightening - The Carson Phillips Journal," a novelization of his film "Struck By Lightening"

Lena Dunham and Jon Hamm Discuss 'The New Yorker' iPhone App [Video]

The New Yorkers' marketing team should take note, Jon Hamm just called the magazine a "terrible version of Rolling Stone," and regardless of the fact the comment was in jest and in character, through the power of Hamm's suggestion that name might take off. In a faux interview above Hamm plays a technologically challenged talk show host ("you actually can't watch TV on an iPad") while Lena Dunham, the Emmy nominated "Girls" writer plays a fictionalized version of herse...

'Teen Mom' Recap 'By The Rules'

This week on "Teen Mom" Farrah is having trouble balancing school and Sophia, Amber can't keep her anger under control, Catelynn tries to be there for her mom, and Maci moves into her new house.

Film's Cutest Older Couples

"Hope Springs," a movie about shaking up a longstanding marriage and recapturing intimacy, premieres Wednesday. Whether Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones' romance will ring true (or at least adorable) remains to be seen, but here are some other older movie couples who prove romance need never die.

'Bunheads' Recap 'Blank Up, It's Time'

Fanny is back at the studio, and she's pumped for the summer show season, when the ballerinas will be jumping and twirling for every fair and supermarket opening. Her excitement is dampened, however, by Sasha's tan lines. Apparently Fanny's dancers aren't allowed to get tan lines, and when Sasha seems less than sincere with her apology she gives her part in a partners dance to Boo.

'Teen Wolf' Recap 'Battlefield'

This week opens with Stiles sharing his anxieties with Mrs. Morell, which illustrates the fact that he's pretty close to a stress induced mental breakdown and acts as a handy recap for the audience. Matt's body was found, Stiles' dad got his job back for uncovering Matt as the killer, the fact that almost drowning when you're nine is not a good reason to go on a killing spree is acknowledged, Allison still isn't talking to Scott because of her all consuming rage, Scott's mom st...

'The Great Gatsby' Won't Hit Theater Until Summer 2013

Ruining the plans of literary geeks and high school English classes everywhere, Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" will be released in summer of 2013 instead of this December, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Could Nick Jonas Be The Next 'American Idol' Judge?

"American Idol" hopefuls already have so much to look forward to as they wait in line and clutch their numbers on auditions days; the chance to showcase their vocals talents on national TV, the chance to compete in the world famous talent search, and ultimately the possibility that all their show buisness dreams can come true. This year, however, there could be a new reason for the singers to swell with excitement -- the chance to meet a Jonas brother.

Stevie Wonder Has Filed For Divorce

Stevie Wonder, the 62-year-old musical superstar known for hits such as "I Just Called to Say I Love You" and "Superstition," has filed for divorce, Entertainment Weekly reported. Wonder married Kai Millard Morris, who works as a fashion designer, back in 2001.

Five Ways 'Grey's Anatomy' Could Write Off Eric Dane

This week Eric Dane announced he's leaving Seattle Grace behind and choosing not to come back for "Grey's Anatomy's" ninth season.While it could be easy to assume because of Dane's exit Mark Sloan will die in the woods from a broken heart and a literal heart injury, pictures have emerged that show McSteamy at least makes it back to the hospital. So how can Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the "Grey's" writers write him off the show?

Sean Penn's 'This Must Be The Place' Coming To Theaters This November

This November movie goers will have the opportunity to watch Sean Penn, larger than life, walk across the screen looking like a middle aged Hot Topic patron Entertainment Weekly reports. "This Must Be the Place," which first debuted at the Cannes Film Festival over a year ago has finally gotten a release date, so mark your calendars for Nov. 2.

Beyonce Is Working On A Biographical Documentary

Beyonce's life seems like it would make the perfect reality show; new baby, thriving music career, famous husband with a successful career of his own. While fans probably won't be seeing "Keeping Up With the Knowles" anytime soon they might be able to look forward to a glimpse into the superstar's life. Beyonce is pitching a documentary looking into her life and career that she plans on producing and directing, The Huffington Post reports.

"Mad Men" Stars Are Moving Toward Two Year Contracts

With everything that happened this season on Mad Men, the death, the affairs, the weight watchers meeting what seemed to have fans most concerned was a plot point that could have facilitated Peggy Olson's (Elisabeth Moss) departure from the show. "Mad Men's" show runner Matthew Weiner is famously opposed to spoilers, as evidenced by his intentionally vague preview clips run at the end of each episode. Still Weiner can't help contract gossip from leaking, and thanks to some deals i...

Five Ways 'How I Met Your Mother' Could Write Off Jason Segel

Today Jason Segel announced he'd be leaving "How I Met Your Mother" at the end of the upcoming season, Ibtimes reports. While the show could wrap up entirely after season eight, season nine rumors are strong. If the show does continue without Segel, here are five ways Marshall Eriksen could leave Ted Mosby's group for good.

Is "Gabriel's Inferno" The Next "Fifty Shades Of Grey?"

"Fifty Shades of Grey," the bestselling book everyone seems to be reading on their e-reader (out of embarrassment or discretion) started out as "Twilight" fan fiction. Now another author has landed a book deal based on his stories of the continued escapades of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

'Teen Mom' Recap: The Next Step

On this episode of "Teen Mom" Maci goes house shopping, Farrah gets serious about her relationship, Amber tries to keep her anger in check and Catelynn deals with the fallout from her mom and Butch's relationship.

Taylor Swift And Conor Kennedy Are Getting Closer

Taylor Swift might be getting some inspiration for a few new love songs. The 22-year-old singer has been spotted with a new love interest: Conor Kennedy, otherwise known as Robert F. Kennedy's grandson.

Ricky Gervais' Latest Project Is A Web Series

Ricky Gervais, the man behind the original British "The Office" and some scandalous Golden Globes jokes, is at work on his next creative endeavor, a web series called "Learn English With Ricky Gervais."

JK Rowling Will Answer Fan Questions Via Webcast In October

Today "Harry Potter" author J K Rowling turns 47, and she has some exciting news for her fans. Rowling will participate in a live webcast on October 11, The Mary Sue reports, answering questions from young fans about Mr. Potter and the wizarding world she created with her seven book series.

'Teen Wolf' Recap: Fury

This week's episode of "Teen Wolf" begins with a flashback to the night Matt found out Jackson was the Kanima. By watching a live stream of the camera he let Jackson borrow on his smart phone (kids these days and their crazy technology) he sees him change. Then they share a moment of matching up their hands together in recognition, like Tarzan and Jane only scalier.

All-Star Lineup Gathers For Comedy Central's Roseanne Barr Roast

The TV promos for comedian and actress Roseanne Barr's upcoming Comedy Central roast feature Barr declaring her lack of anxiety over a collection of her peers coming together to make fun of her. She explains her lack of nerves by saying, dripping with sarcasm, "I'm pretty sure everyone loves me." Barr clearly knows she's given those who will roast her this August a ton of material to work from, from her multiple failed marriages to her 2011 macadamia nut farm reality show with the...

"The Hobbit" Will Be A Trilogy

Fantasy fans should be ecstatic this morning; "The Hobbit," the film adaptation of J.R.R .Tolkien's classic novel, has officially been given a third film. The trilogy's first installment will drop this December, the second December 2013, and the final movie will come out sometime in summer 2014, Variety reports.

Are Kevin and Danielle Jonas Trying For a Baby?

Kevin Jonas broke the hearts of girls everywhere when he officially took himself off the market by marrying Danielle Deleasa in December of 2009. Now the young couple is bringing their relationship and family dynamics (including interactions with Kevin's in-laws and 2/3 of The Jonas Brothers) even further into the spotlight with their new reality show "Married to Jonas."