Bento, the database application for Mac OS X, was updated to version 3 on Tuesday, bringing new features of iPhoto integration, security options, multi-user sharing and more.


Thanks to tighter integration with iPhoto and breakthrough new ways to view your information using the new Grid view, image thumbnails, library folders and more, Bento 3 lets you see and interact with your information in stunning new ways.

Bento 3 now lets you create encrypted fields to store sensitive data, like web site logins and banking details. Plus, you can assign a password to your entire database and shared libraries to keep your valuable information more secure.

Now you can easily share your contact lists, project plans, event details, and other Bento libraries with up to 5 Bento users on your local area network.*

In addition to iPhoto integration, sharing and security options, and all the new and exciting ways to view and interact with your information, Bento 3 delivers group emailing, an improved Themes Chooser, the ability to print a blank form and 10 pre-designed ready to use templates.

Bento 3 of FileMaker, which is a subsidiary of Apple, is the breakthrough new version for Mac users as it integrates with iPhoto for the first time, , allowing users to store information about photos and link them with contacts, projects, events, and other information within the software.

Think of Bento 3 as a powerful, easy way to bring together all of your key Mac information and photos, said Ryan Rosenberg, vice president, marketing and services, FileMaker, Inc. With Bento 3, we're providing new ways for you to view and interact with your information so you can organize contacts, projects, events and even more details of your life.

Bento 3 costs $49 for a single license; however, Bento 1 and 2 users are eligible for a $20 rebate via FileMaker's Web site, and users who bought Bento 2 after August 30, 2009 are qualified for a free upgrade. FileMaker also offers a $99 family pack for Bento 3 that includes five licenses.

The updated version of Bento runs on Mac OS X 10.5.7 and later.

Bento debuted in January 2008 when FileMaker began shipping the database product at that year's Macworld Expo. It is a multipurpose application designed for organizing information from a variety of sources. Version 2 followed 10 months later, adding integration with Apple Mail.