"Hope Springs," a movie about shaking up a longstanding marriage and recapturing intimacy, premieres Wednesday. Whether Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones' romance will ring true (or at least adorable) remains to be seen, but here are some other older movie couples who prove romance need never die. 

Ally and Noah in "The Notebook"

Sure Ally and Noah are passionate in their younger years, but nothing compares to the couple in the nursing home. Noah spending each day trying to bring a wife who doesn't recognize him back makes any other dramatic gesture of love look almost pathetic.

The Elderly Couple on the Bed in "Titanic"

Yes "Titanic" is Rose and Jack's movie, and yes the couple is just glimpsed and not named, but the two are based on Macy's tycoon Isidor Strauss and his wife Ida; the wife couldn't stand to leave her husband, so they died together.

Harry and Erica in "Somethings Got To Give"

It's true that Harry first seeing Erica as her daughter's date wasn't exactly a meet cute, but their passionate reunion in Paris more than makes up for it.

Mr. Miyagi and Yukie in "The Karate Kid Part II"

A forbidden romance followed by decades spent on different continents makes for a romantic reunion, but it's how quickly they regain their ease with each other that really makes them a cute couple.

Carl and Ellie in "Up"

Has anyone sat through the montage of Ellie and Carl's life and not sobbed? They even remain a cute couple after she dies!

Every Single Couple in the "Marriage Stories" in "When Harry Met Sally"

Yes, the way these couples first met make for interesting, even unbelievable stories, but it's the way they would look at each other with goofy grins that made them truly endearing.