The acclaimed episodic adventure “Life is Strange” is set to conclude this month on Oct. 20. The fifth and final episode is called “Polarized” that immediately follows the events of episode four, with each choice made affecting the overall outcome of the game. Fans have been highly anticipating this finale and they won’t have to wait too long to play it.

It was revealed that the game would come out this month on the official “Life is Strange” Twitter account. The tweet itself was brief, merely stating that the game would come out on Oct. 20.

Dontnod Entertainment -- the game’s developer, previously stated that there was no definitive release date for the last episode, as reported by Destructoid. Many fans were a bit worried about the delay, but were also hopeful that the developers would do everything they could to make the finale perfect. Now that the finale has a date all fans can do is wait and play it.

Upon release, “Life is Strange” was immediately showered with praise from fans and critics alike. Many were fans of the game’s intriguing story, fun characters and the mix of the mundaneness of real life with elements normally seen in a science fiction series, like time travel.

What piqued many gamers interest in the series was that it actually focused on the actions of lead character Maxine Caulfield. Most games that are episodic usually focus more on puzzle solving and then some choice making, but in “Life is Strange” players can literally rewind time and take decisions back, or avoid circumstances.

It’s a system that has proven to be very effective in each episode, which has hooked players from the very beginning. The only flaw of the game seems to be the lack of a proper release schedule, since some episode releases come out after one or two months from the last one, which almost ruins the flow of the story.

Still, “Life is Strange” has proven to be a valuable property for Square Enix and is a title that most gamers won’t be forgetting. “Life is Strange” is currently available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 via digital download.

Life is Strange E3 trailer (ESRB) (Credit: YouTube/Life Is Strange)