The episodic game series “Life Is Strange,” by publisher Square Enix, has proved to be a hit among gaming fans and critics, so they will be happy to know that “Life Is Strange” episode 4 comes out July 28. The complete title is “Life Is Strange: Episode 4 – The Dark Room” and it will be available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

According to IGN, “The Dark Room” will have main character Max going into unexplored and daunting territory as she ups the ante in the search for Rachel Amber and in solving the mysteries of Arcadia Bay. Things also look pretty hectic, as the “End of the World” party is set to make an appearance.

“Life Is Strange” has been a success since its release in January. GameSpot reports the game has surpassed 1 million sales, making it one of the hotter Square Enix commodities. The studio has stated that this was a huge achievement, especially since the studio developing the series, Dontnod Entertainment, isn’t as big as the other companies working for Square Enix.

Many have praised the first three episodes for their mix of sci-fi powers and attention to the details of high school life. Many also have praised the time-travel aspect of the game and how well it is integrated into the actual gameplay, rather than being restricted to cutscenes or something similar.

“Life Is Strange” will have one more episode after "The Dark Room." Fans can probably expect a number of revelations that will unfold in episode 4, so they should get ready for some surprises.

There are currently no plans for a physical retail copy of "Life Is Strange," though that could be possible once the series is over.

Life is Strange Episode 4 Launch Trailer (ESRB) (Credit: YouTube/Life Is Strange)